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  • Summer Recipes

    Indian Express We turn to some of the best chefs and restaurants in the country to provide us succour, as well as seasonal sustenance. Summer — when the hearth of a home becomes its furnace, and when you don’t really need to add salt to your food, if old Hindi films are anything to go […]

  • BY SARA SHAH for ELLE Manish Mehrotra, head chef at the Indian Accent Restaurant in Delhi, is responsible for giving us khandvi ravioli and chicken tikka quesadillas. Now, after the roaring success of his electrifying menu, Mehrotra has launched a cookbook called The Indian Accent Restaurant Cookbook. He won’t call it a recipe book “It tells […]

  • Bites Of Heaven by Marryam H Reshii

    Bites Of heaven Talking turkey by Marryam H Reshii Mar 13, 2009 The Manor in Friends Colony West is buzzing nowadays. Deservedly so, for after a long time it has acquired F & B that is worthy of its classy interiors. Indian Accent may be new to the city, but it is the country cousin of […]

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