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  • No Bull, Just Wine by Sourish Bhattacharya

    Business Today  No Bull, Just Wine Mr. Metcalfe Goes Indian by Sourish Bhattacharyya April 2009   Charles Metcalfe doesn’t jump to conclusions-Kathryn and he went through 27,000 wine and food pairings over seven months for Sainsbury Pocket Food & Wine Guide.  The name Charles Metcalfe will ring a bell for anyone acquainted with Delhi. A […]

  • The Manor Born by Sanjiv Bhattacharya

    Business Today The Manor Born by Sanjiv Bhattacharya (April 2009) Contemporary Indian with wine pairings, Indian Accent is a concept whose time has come. Down an endless road in spiffy New Friend’s Colony is The Manor, formerly an Aman owned hotel, now in the sure grasp of the charming Rohit Khattar. Khattar has a string […]

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