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  • Desi at Heart by Reshmi R Dasgupta

    Economic Times   Desi at Heart by Reshmi R Dasgupta March, 16, 2009 Indian Accent at The Manor, New Delhi, localises foreign ingredients and incorporates them into an Indian ensemble- Reshmi R Dasgupta Something about Yulia made me look at her again as I walked into Indian Accent at The Manor hotel last week. Was it that […]

  • Time Out – Indian Accent in 100 best Menu Listing

    The 100 best things we ate all year by Magandeep Singh Time Out Delhi April 3 – 16 2009 Indian Accent dishes named in ‘the 100 best things we ate all year’ Foie gras stuffed galawat Rs 650 @ Indian Accent It’s over the top, yet this melding of the apogees of two separate meat-eating […]

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