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    Sunday Pioneer – It’s different by Shalini Saxena
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    This restaurant is a little different from the ones that Delhi’ites are used to. Yet, Indian Accent at The Manor in Friends Colony has made a mark for itself in the hearts of those who visit this place. People who step inside this restaurant for the first time are in for a surprise. It is too quiet – away from the hustle and bustle . This adds flavour to the food that this place serves – Pan Asian. In other words, Indian Food with a difference.
    To start with, order a tall glass of shikanjvi. In this scorching heat, the cool drinks acts as a balm to a parched  throat.
    To whet your appetite, try the cucumber spaghetti  with goat cheese. Though, they serve you one tiny piece, it sets the mood for what is to follow.

    organic kegg egg fritter, peppery leaves, crunchy summer kakdi, fresh fig salad
    organic kegg egg fritter, peppery leaves, crunchy summer kakdi, fresh fig salad

      Most people don’t  like to eat salads. But the heady combination of sweet potatoes, ganth gobhi topped with fried okra (bhindi) mixed with yogurt and herbs is a winner. For those who don’t mind eating eggs, the kegg egg fritters with kakri and peppery leaves is another must try. If you are non-vegetarian go for the lamb shanks.” These are imported from New Zealand and we cook it for almost four hours in coconut milk and other herbs and spices in the oven,” says Chef Manish Mehrotra.
    Served with gobhi mussallum and spicy aloo ka papad, the scallops are for those like to experiment with their food. In case you go wrong on how to eat it, the waiter is quick to point out and you need to take the bite of the scallop and the papad together to get the true flavour of the dish. For the vegetarians there is tadka vegetables with spinach salan, paneer roll and arbi satay. It is after all pan Asian food.No meal is complete without desserts. The mango-cranberry kulfi with cheese cake is a must eat. The chef tells you that the kulfi is made from just juice and the same is supplemented with the cheese cake. End the perfect meal with another near perfect dessert. Go for sugarcane pieces serves in crushed ice and topped with liqueur. It is cool and the sweet sugarcane juice adds zing to the overall experience.


    tadka summer vegetables, baby spinach, roasted sesame salan

    tadka summer vegetables, baby spinach, roasted sesame salan

























    For Salan:
    Sesame Seed                 50 gms
    Peanuts                           100 gms
    Freshly Grated Coconut 50 gms
    Coriander Seed            5 gms
    Red Chilli Whole          2 nos
    Cumin Seeds                  5 gms
    Yogurt                             50 gms
    Ginger  Garlic Paste    10 gms
    Jaggery                           20 gms
    Tamarind Pulp             25 gms
    Salt                                    to taste
    Spinach                           100 gms
     Method: Dry roast sesame seeds, peanuts, coconut, red chilli whole, coriander seeds whole and cumin seeds. Add yoghurt and make a fine paste in the blender. Take oil in pan crackle mustard seeds along with curry leaves. Add ginger garlic paste and sauté for a minute. Add the salan paste and bring to boil, simmer for another five minutes. Add chopped spinach and finish with salt, jaggery and tamarind.

    For tadka vegetables:
    Baby Carrot
    (Peeled & Blanched)               30 gms
    Zuuchini (Cut into batons)  30 gms
    Bell Pepper Red (dices)         50 gms
    Broccolli Florets                      50 gms
    Asparagus Tips                         50 gms
    Roasted Sesame Seed             for garnish
    Ginger Garlic Paste                  5 gms
    Cumin Seeds                               a pinch
    Olive Oil                                       15 ml
    Salt                                                 to taste
    Chopped Coriander                 15 gms

    Method:Heat oil in fry pan. Put cumin seeds and let them crackle. Saute ginger garlic paste. Add the vegetables and toss till evenly coated. Adjust the seasoning. Garnish with roasted sesame seeds, Serve along with salan sauce.
    (Recipe by Manish Mehrotra, Executive Chef – Pan Asian cuisine, Indian Accent).

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