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    organic kegg egg fritter, peppery leaves, crunchy summer kakdi, fresh fig salad

    organic kegg egg fritter, peppery leaves, crunchy summer kakdi, fresh fig salad

    Going through the by lanes of Friends Colony (West). We somehow managed to reach the Manor after experiencing a good dose of dust storm. As we entered inside the wooden gate…we were open to a lush green lawn and we were escorted to the restaurant of The Manor, Indian Accent in a welcoming manner by the hotel staff. With the entry inside the restaurant… the white walls, contemporary interior with an Indian touch, blends surprisingly well. The hanging photographs captured different ethnicity and monuments of India. Ambience of the place forced us to settle quickly for further proceedings. As we sat on a four-seating table…we were warmly attended by a lady named Ankita, followed by a man who was helping her. We noticed the staffs of the restaurant (as per the theme of being Indian in a contemporary way) were dressed in orange kurta and white pyjama. After a while the chef named Manish Mehrotra talked us through the USP of the place and the cuisine.

    Once he left…We were served some delicious Baluchi’s naan topped with coconut and roasted cashew nuts along with a fuzzy Beach beverage. A concoction of passion fruit, blood range syrup, and orange juice, bay leaf and lime soda. By the time we waited for Samrat Banerjee (the GM of the place)…we enjoyed the soulful music by musical duo Amaan and Ayaan Ali Bangash from their album Reincarnated. We were soon joined by the GM and the chef in order to offer in depth knowledge about the restaurant as well as the specialities of the cuisine.”We keep changing the menu at regular intervals. The quality, availability of ingredients despite the season and personalized touch in each service is the key factor,” added the chef. To this Samrat added,”It’s for the niche crowd, we don’t cater to the mass market..and hence our menu is very limited with good quality.” The lady serving the food placed a platter of ash roasted sweet potato, with a dressing of yoghurt mixed with different kinds of herbs along with ganth gobbi and topped with crisp fried okra. Once done, another glass of fresh Sandstrom Lemonade appeared, which was well presented with two slice of lemon and cinnamon leaf. Next dish was the panko crusted bharwan mirch coated with Japense bread crumb and French goat cheese mouse and served with chilli aam papad chutney. As we were enjoying the sumptuous starters, we noticed the extensive use of marigold flower in the decoration. To this Samrat added,”Yes…I think this is the only flower which is used in all Indian festivals and celebrations…so India is very much related to it, hence it adds an Indian touch to the place.”With this we witness another dish Tandoori foie gras (French goose lever) with a taste of amla murabba and garnished with thin slices of hydrated paprika pineapple which added sweetness to it. Next, was Masala miso Scottish salmon fermented in a soyabean paste, well preseted with umeboshi raita (Japanese pickle plumps) and raddish wasabi lachha as dressing. After a good amount of non-vegetarian food, I relished the Tadka summer vegetables and baby spinach roasted in sesame paste – followed by the Achaari New Zealand lamb shank with latpati lima beans, which were all lusciously cooked. Though, I don’t take pleasure in eating non-veg, but I must confess the Pan fried Australian John Dory served with Moily fish and fresh greens pinenut poriyal was appetising. If you think it’s all about dishes with no bread…then think again as the wild Mushroom Kulcha with truffle oil was stuffed with the paste of four different types of mushrooms is an explosion on the palate. Talking about the Manor, Samrat also revealed,”This place has 15 rooms and this restaurant and are planning to add on a space for spa too.” After the mains, finally we indulged ourselves in the sinful world of desserts. Mango and Cranberry Kulfi with fresh mango cheesecake and Old Monk rum balls with Valrhona chocolate sauce, will leave you craving for more. If you are looking for a place for perfect sitting, serene ambience and good food…this is the place to visit.

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