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    Indian Accent, the restaurant hailed for its innovative cuisine, is spreading its wings and going global

    By Samita Bhatia

    Indian Accent Restaurant

    Indian Accent Restaurant


    It has just made a dash to the World’s 100 Best Restaurants list. And not far back it was declared the best restaurant in India by Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2015- and with reason. No surprise then that Indian Accent – which has foodies and food critics raving over it for its New age Indian Cuisine – is going Global. By November this year, The restaurant that has redefined the way we eat kadhi chawal and chicken tikkas, will open at the fancy Le Parker Meridien on New York’s 56th Street.

    Manish Mehrotra, star chef and the man responsible for making Indian Accent a runaway hit, is just back from New York where he was figuring out the finer details of the soon -to -open New York Restaurant.

    “Its time for modern Indian food – and that includes regional cuisine – to go international. Evaluating our multiple opportunities we went with New York which is a multi- cultural city and has plenty of room for more restaurants”, ‘says Mehrotra, corporate chef, luxury dining, Old World Hospitality. A two year Hunt and Mehrotra says they finally found their location.

    “It’s accessible, touristy, residential and commercial the place is the perfect size for the kind of food we will serve,” says Mehrotra of the 70-cover space, And no, there won’t be any Indian Motifs anywhere but the decor will be cool and simple just like Indian Accent in Delhi.

    New Yorkers can gear up for traditional Indian flavours tossed up with twists, global ingredients and modern cooking techniques. And that rules out butter chicken, Pindi chhole and mutton curry that Indian Accent banished from its menus when opened in 2009.

    The chef intends to take most of his existing menus to the Big Apple. But once in New York, he will experiment and innovate some more. “In the US we will have access to heaps of new and exciting local ingredients, vegetables and meats which are not available in India . That’s more toys for us to play with,” says Mehrotra happily. But he’ll be carting the spices from here.

    Meanwhile, Mehrotra and his executive chef Vivek Rana have unveiled a delicious summer menu at Indian Accent in Delhi’s The Manor hotel that’s operated by Old World Hospitality.

    The modern dishes come with twists to beat the heat ( so no deep frying, and low spice levels). Since Mehrotra’s creativity lies in marrying fresh local produce with homestyle cooking ( but with a spin), he has topped tandoori mushrooms with Gorgonzola cheese. Executive chef Vivek Rana wows with a dish of smoked masala marwari papad, lettuce potato cream, chilli onion which when uncovered, dramatically releases whiffs of smoke.”The idea is always to surprise the guest,” says Rana. More global twists to traditional Indian surface in dishes like chicken tikka and quinoa pulao and Tamarind fish, coconut barley and cashew pakoda.

    The fruit of the season, mango, is recurring on the menu in a variety of avtars (dehydrated power,ripe or raw). A signature dish of meetha achaar Chilean spare ribs, sun-dried mango and toasted kalonji seeds is highly recommended. There’s plenty more:
    Thai pomelo segments paired with amla murabba, and piquant kadhi that’s accompanied with mashed potato and black quinoa onion rings (instead of the regular pakodas).

    If you want to slurp the most expensive kheer in India then order the Gobindo Bhog Kheer that’s served with nuts, three sorbets and Spanish air-dried fruits ( a pack of 300gm costs Rs 18,000).

    Mehrotra is also gearing up for the year-end launch. A Couple of trips to the US are lined up after which he’ll be stationed in New York for several weeks before and post the launch. He’s getting together his team of 24 Indian chefs who will accompany him (he plans to hire eight American chefs too).

    “Dine Delhi or New York, the experience will be exactly the same,” is his promise.

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