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    India is the largest producer and exporter of mangoes in the world- some 10 million tones of mangoes are produced annually and account for 52% of the world output. Although more than a thousand varieties exist, only around 20 varieties are grown on commercial scale. Each variety has a unique taste and flavour-the most popular being Banganpalli, Neelam, Dusheri, Totapuri, Kesar and the delicious Alphonso.

    Today a number of hotels have incorporated the mango into innovative dishes, which some years ago might have been absurd. As Chef Gautam Chaudhary, Executive Chef, Ista Banagelore, explains, “Due to Globalization, there is not much of a difference between East & West. In today’s world due to people being very well travelled, Internet and media the customer is very knowledgeable and knows what’s happening around the world. To meet the guest’s expectations, chefs are always on a hunt to do something new and be different. Today the Chef has to really keep himself updated with various things happening around the world. I think, perception has certainly changed over the years and mango is not just restricted to a fruit platter or fresh juice and is being diversely used.”

    At Ista the season of mango is celebrated by the amalgamating of The Royal Highness ‘Mango’ and the spirit of ‘The Pink Poppadom’, hence the promotion at is called ‘AAM-algamation’’We have designed a menu with cocktails, mocktails, flavoursome appetizers, main courses and desserts made with using the variety of mangoes available across the Sub-continent. The entire menu has a ‘Zing of Innovation’ with international ingredients and cooking methods creatively used to produce fascinating interpretations of old masterpieces. Our menu utilizes various flavours ranging from Ratnagiri Alfonso, Totapuri, Malgova, Banganpalli to Bombay green and is designed carefully to manifest the individual characteristic of each of the varieties. ‘Pan-seared Scallops with spicy Ratnagiri Alphonso & Malgova Salsa’, uses the tartness of Malgova mangoes and to compliment the sweet taste of Alphonso and Scottish Diver Scallops, whereas in ‘Kairi Chicken Tikka with mango relish’ blends the flavours of green mango and tandoor to perfection. At Pink Poppadom we reflect the spirit of innovation, which is rooted in centuries of tradition and capture the movement towards the modern palate. The mango menu includes an array of exquisite creations like Chevre Banganpalli Raviolli, Chilled Ginger Alphonso Soup. Brandy flambéed Mango Tart, etc. Although the guests enjoy our Menu, the Mango Overdose is the most popular. It comprises of four elements- Mango Samosa, Mango Paan, Mango Kulfi & a Minty Mango Shooter,’ adds Chef Chaudhary.

    “We do a raw mango salad, mango cranberry kulfi, Aplhonso aamras, homemade cocounut jiggery ice cream, popped rice candy, Alphonso cheese cakes, and Mango Tiramisu. Currently we are using Alphonso. After the season is over we will start using Dashehari and Langra. Mango Cranberry, Kulfi, Aplhonso aamras, and our homemade coconut jiggery ice cream. Popped rice candy are our most popular dishes,; says Chef Manish Mehrotra, Executive Chef, Pan Asian Cuisine, Old World Hospitality Pvt Ltd.

    In Goa, the Grand Hyatt even has it own source of mangos- 12 exquisite mango trees in its property, which includes Mankuranad and Totapuri. As Chef Mark Hagan, Executive Chef at Grand Hyatt Goa, explains, ‘We have come up with mango delicacies that vary from innovative dishes to popular dips, new curries, mouth-watering desserts and whole range of beverages and cocktails. Our speciality dishes are Khatta Mitha aam ka samosa, made up of crisp dried mango base stuffed with samosa ingredients. It’s a very new concept. We also have mango pickles and chutneys made up of raw mangoes from our own garden. For non-vegetarian we have mango stuffed fish, mango fish curry, mango chicken curry and variety of other dishes. Pastry lovers can grab a Pasta de Nata, a special Portuguese egg tart with mango flavour, Chocolate mousse with mango toping, a healthy mango salad, mango cup caked and so much more.  We’ve changed the profile of the mango, we roast it on charcoal add other vegetable and make into salsa, to serve with fish and meat dishes on the grill section in The Dining Room restaurant.’

    Mango, being the king of fruits, is the most popular and nutritionally rich fruits. Its unique flavour, fragrance, taste and health-promoting qualities make it a common ingredient in a new functional food says Chef Pwawn Uppdal, Executive Sous Chef, Habitat World. ‘This season, mango is one of the main ingredient in our dishes, right from the starters to appetizers and main course to desserts, mango is used everywhere. We are using Alphonso, Langra, Dasherhari, Sindoori to name a few, and have incorporated them in our main course for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The Ambi Ki Kadi is a piquant yogurt and gram flour base gravy with chunks of raw mangoes, and Meen Mango Curry is a Coastal style fish curry cooked with coconut and raw mango. And our mango kulfi is one of the popular deserts. Although the perception of mango is still the same everywhere, its usage has tremendously increased. Earlier they were only used in desserts, but now people have started experimenting and using them in starters. Appetizers and main course in form of pulp, juice and raw mangoes.’

    Today, so popular has this fruit become that hotels and restaurants have dedicated the whole festivals around them. At 24/7 at The Lalit Mumbai the list of dishes for their festival is long. There’s the traditional Ambi Panna, Mango Lassi, Mango Milkshake, or the unique Mango Mint Cooler, Frozen Mango Daiquri, Mangotini, Mango Lime Sangria, Diced Mango Terrine, Mango Tiramisu Mango Cream Bruele, Mango Pannacotta, or simply Mango diced with vanilla ice cream. And while the coffee shop at the Oberoi Grand Kolkatta, La Terrasse offers delectable mango puddings and mango cardamom srikhand, Toro in Khan Market, Delhi, you can try their special Mango Gazapacho Soup, Mango & Ham salad, or Pan seared sole fish with mango chilli sauce. In Mumbai Hotels Sahara Star offers divine concoctions of delicious mango treats blended with exotic ingredients, with exotic dishes like the Mango Cardamom, Tangy Mango Tunne, Mango parfait Pie. In Out of The Blue, Mumbai, theres even a mango chilli cheesecake being served with a shot of chilled mango gazapacho. ‘ “A crescendo of mangoes takes place, starting end of March through May and June every year in India. They roll into the markets in small numbers at the start of the season, expensive and aloof. By the time the harvest peaks, they are all over the place and pretty economical In India, they are believed to be 350 varieties of mangos and all very unique in taste and their appearance. The king of fruits is grown in an area of over two lakh tones. Such a huge variety and diversity of flavours certainly needs a bow. Hence during this time of the season we Chef’s give a tribute to this beautiful fruit. The first mangoes of the year make newspaper headlines and herald of the coming summer,’ concludes Chef Chaudhary.

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