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    The new restaurant, Indian Accent, at The Manor in New Delhi, takes culinary pleasures to a new, unprecedented level

    Patrani Mekong Basa

    Patrani Mekong Basa

    Old World Hospitality Private  Limited (O.W.H) has now leased The Manor, New Delhi. In the first phase, it has refurbished the rooms and is launching a new restaurant, Indian Accent. The restaurant’s pathbreaking, contemporary Indian menu has been designed by Chef Manish Mehrotra.

    The Executive Chef-Pan Asian Cuisine of OWH, Mehrotra heads the kitchens of Oriental Octopus (New Delhi and Noida)  His creativity is showcased by the unique amalgamation of the freshest local produce–combining home-style nostalgic tastes–with unusual ingredients from across the world. The result: a menu that excites the adventurous yet satisfies traditional palates.

    “This is Indian food for the twenty-first century with a unique marriage of global ingredients and techniques with the flavours and traditions of India,” says Rohit Khattar, the man behind these wonderful restaurants. Some of the dishes on the menu include foie gras stuffed galawat, smoked salmon thayar satham, galangal infused patrani mekong basa, tamarind glazed lamb shank and masala morels water chestnut paper roast dosai. Desserts range from old monk rum balls with valrhona chocolate sauce, cointreau Ki chuski and toffee chyawanprash cheese cake with badam milk.

    UK’s celebrated wine consultant, Charles Metcalfe, has developed a wine list to complement this cuisine. Metcalfe believes that many of the best wine pairings with Indian food are found with white wines, often from the New World wine countries. His five half glasses paired with Mehrotra’s tasting menu (11 dishes) are the pièce de résistance of Indian Accent and offer incredible value for money. The innovative cocktails are served stylishly by bartender Bharat Bhushan, who was recently declared the Best Bartender at the Finlandia 11th Cup and had represented India in Finland.

    Untitled-3Indian Accent has opted for that rare interior in today’s times–a comfortable, no-nonsense dining room. Overlooking the cool verandah and the lush lawn, the restaurant has a private dining room and a bar with a stunning onyx counter. Two gigantic silver diya trees of life also provide an Indian accent to the otherwise contemporary décor. With marigold and frangipani flowers as omnipresent leitmotifs, the restaurant welcomes you on a unique culinary journey. Speaking about the latest venture, Sandeep Tandon, Executive Director- Operations, OWH, said, “With service that is friendly and efficient, The Manor with its chic design and beautiful luxury suites is a unique boutique hotel. With Indian Accent, we now have an exciting new restaurant, where we are looking forward to imaginatively push culinary boundaries.”

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