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  • Anoothi Vishal, Times of India. Next month, Indian Accent, the highly acclaimed restaurant headed by Manish Mehrotra, will take centrestage in the world’s most-vaunted dining theatre — New York. And the chef is conscious of his responsibility. “The menu writing will be critical,” he says. “And I won’t put things like khandavi-ravioli or kathal-tacos on […]

  • The chef with the Indian Accent

    Rushina Munshaw Ghildlyal, Hindustan Times, April 15, 2012 At Indian Accent, churan-flavoured popsicles are served in toy pressure-cookers, chutneys are flavoured with aam papad and deserts topped with phantom cigarettes. If the sound of this makes you feel like a child in candyland, that’s the idea. ” I draw from all over to trigger memories,” […]

  • Without Borders,

    Foodistan’ is more than Indo-Pak rivalry. There’s enough culinary skill on display By Amrita Roy Unlike the widely popular MasterChef, the contestants of Foodistan, the food reality show on NDTV Good Times that will air from Monday, are not amateurs. Created by NDTV Good Times and produced by Siddharth Basu’s BIG Synergy TV, it is reminiscent of […]

  • Hospitality at its best – Indian Accent Delhi Restaurant

    Hospitality at its best by Today’s Traveller Palate King April 2009 The new restaurant, Indian Accent, at The Manor in New Delhi, takes culinary pleasures to a new, unprecedented level Old World Hospitality Private  Limited (O.W.H) has now leased The Manor, New Delhi. In the first phase, it has refurbished the rooms and is launching a […]

  • Indian Accent in Times Hot as New Restaurant in Delhi, India

    The Hot magazine of Times of India has listed Indian Accent as new hot restaurants in Delhi. It refers Indian Accent as : “Desi Meal, Phoren Fee!” Indian Accent @ The Manor, New Friends Colony April 2009 Chef Manish Mehrotra of Delhi’s Oriental Octopus fame cleverly uses unthinkable Indian ingredients to make whacky Western dishes […]

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