Posts made in December, 2015

  • Indian Accent- A Michelin star restaurant in waiting

    The Vacationists. There are some meals that just bring out the Masterchef critic in all of us. They make one want to sing, write, gush and generally get poetic. The most recent such meal we encountered happened to be on one of our short vacations (but of course) to Delhi. So where exactly is this gem of […]

  • Anoothi Vishal, Times of India. Next month, Indian Accent, the highly acclaimed restaurant headed by Manish Mehrotra, will take centrestage in the world’s most-vaunted dining theatre — New York. And the chef is conscious of his responsibility. “The menu writing will be critical,” he says. “And I won’t put things like khandavi-ravioli or kathal-tacos on […]

  • Chef Manish Mehrotra talks about taking Indian Accent to New York and shows us a signature recipe

      After its trailblazing success in Delhi, Indian Accent is due to launch in New York later this year. We catch Chef Manish Mehrotra as he prepares for the big opening.- Vritti Bansal, India Today Indian Accent must have given restaurateur Rohit Khattar some serious butterflies when it opened initially, considering Delhi loves its regular […]

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