Posts made in September, 2012

  • Jalebis fried in olive oil, next  on the evolving Indian palate?

    22nd Sep, Financial World We’ve PRIDED our self on our a 2,000-year –old culinary culture, our expertise at spices and everything there is to our lip-smacking kitchen delights. But then why is it that each time I am looking for something good to eat, I end up ordering Pizza form my neighborhood fast food joint […]

  • Stepping up to the plate

    Ruhi Batra, Sep 8, 2012, The Times of India, The Crest Edition Passing that bowl of cream-laden dal makhani and butter chicken around the table is now passê. Old silver platters filled with crimsoncoloured chicken tikkas and fuchsia-coloured sirka (vinegared) onions have been replaced with pre-plated black marble slabs dotted with foie gras-stuffed galawat served […]

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