Posts made in July, 2012

  • Changing context of Indian diner: Dishing out some national culinary integration

    30th July, The Economic Times Cuisine is obviously an evolving phenomenon; if it wasn’t, we would still have the rudimentary diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. That we reached molecular gastronomy – which takes almost ghoulish delight in duping the senses – and clawed our way back to ‘real’ food, shows the culinary world’s state of […]

  • Delhi Gourmet Club’s Inaugural Dinner @ Indian Accent

    By Mudita Chauhan-Mubayi On July 23, 2012 Indian Food Freak Restaurant Review and Ratings When liquor baron Rocky ‘Old Monk’ Mohan, seasoned (and lovely-tempered!) journalist Sourish Bhattacharya and Sikandalous Cuisine promoter Atul Sikand rustled up Delhi Gourmet Club, a food fraternity on Facebook, they whetted Delhi’s limitless appetite for great food in great company. That’s […]

  • Mirchi at the Table

    Shantanu David, July 20, Last year, when Mumbai-born chef Floyd Cardoz, who specialises in India-inspired food, won Bravo’s Top Chef, it was a harbinger of things to come. This year has been internationally hailed by food magazines as the year when Indian food comes to the forefront of global dining. From haute new fine-dining restaurants […]

  • Mango Mania

    TravelX Hospitality Magazine June 2012 India is the largest producer and exporter of mangoes in the world- some 10 million tones of mangoes are produced annually and account for 52% of the world output. Although more than a thousand varieties exist, only around 20 varieties are grown on commercial scale. Each variety has a unique […]

  • Beer with a spicy twist

    HT July 14, 2012-07-16 Are you one of those who love to experiment every time you go out for a glass of beer and wish it had an Indian flavour to it. If yes, then your wait is over. One of the leading brewers in the country has given a spicy twist to your taste […]

  • Interview with Chef Manish Mehrotra, Executive chef – Pan Asian Cuisine, 06-2012.

    Inducia Good Food To Enhance Life, 30th June An exclusive interview with Chef Manish Mehrotra, Executive Chef – Pan Asian Cuisine for Old World Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. Chef Mehrotra also heads the kitchens of Indian Accent (New Delhi), and Oriental Octopus (New Delhi, Noida & Lavasa). Apart from winning several awards like Vir Sanghvi Awards […]

  • Delhi’s Top Summer Tables

    You can bank on our sumptuous summer top table menus. Each one is perfect for indoor and al fresco entertaining and won’t cost the earth, so whatever the weather indulge in the feast that you will remember. By Rupali Das,Food and Nightlife magazine (July 2012) Indian Accent @the Manor Refreshing Taste of India WHAT MAKES […]

  • Flowers in the kitchen

    A dash of the floral is the new trend as chefs across the globe try out new dishes with flowers plucked from their gardens Anoothi Vishal, Economic Times magazine, July 8-14, 2012 The Romans used them in their cooking, as did the Incas. The Japanese have a well established tradition of cooking with them and […]

  • Fruitilicous Desserts

    Give a fruitful twist to your classic summer desserts with these low-calorie and fun recipes By Rupali Dewan, HT (June 29, 2012) Ripe mangoes, juicy lychees, peaches and melons, luscious berries…need I say more? The perfect end to a summer meal is a fruity dessert of course! And with summer’s outstanding fresh fruits one can […]

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