Posts made in May, 2012

  • Indian Accent at The Manor is happy to unfold its ‘Summer Menu’.

    Executive Chef Manish Mehrotra has crafted the recipes with a unique marriage of global ingredients and techniques with the nostalgic flavours and traditions of India using seasonal favorites such asMangoes, Subz and summer cucumber amongst others. Some of the new additions in the Summer Menu include: –         Alphonso aamras, homemade coconut jaggery ice cream, popped rice […]

  • Whatever else is unsure in today’s world, a mother’s love is not! Lets raise a toast to the most special relationship of our lives, together at Indian Accent. While you must be thinking of what to gift your mother, nothing is more important than a thoughtful gesture. The most meaningful can be spending time together […]

  • Kitchen King, The Telegraph,

    May 9, 2012 Master chef Manish Mehrotra has become a name to reckon with amid epicures sitting across the table. But little do we know that the 38-year-old chef, who won the culinary battle in the reality show —Foodistan — is from Patna and has carved a niche for himself in the crowd of culinary […]

  • Lonely Planet Review, May 9, 2012

    Lonely Planet Review If you’re looking for a more intimate alternative to Delhi’s opulent five stars, this 16- room boutique hotel is it. Off Mathura Rd, set amid manicured lawns, the renovated bungalow combines contemporary luxury with caramel-hued elegance that seems from another era. A classy restaurant, lush lawns and a sun-warmed terrace complete the […]

  • A Tasty Taboo

    By Preetika Rana, The Wall Street Journal, Life & Style Manish Mehrotra will be the first to admit that spare ribs would’ve never made it onto his menu a decade ago. “You were frowned upon if you ate pork, beef or duck in India,” the 38-year-old chef says. But the country’s tastes have since broadened. […]

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