Posts made in June, 2011

  • Jagmeeta Thind Joy, Indian Posted: Sat Apr 23 2011, 00:05 hrs Asia’s foremost gastronomic event, the World Gourmet Summit, which is celebrating 15 years of gastronomic excellence this year, has added an Indian flavour to its melting pot. Award-winning Indian Chef, Manish Mehrotra has been invited as a Masterchef to the Summit which kickstarts in […]

  • Amin Ali | Times Of  India| May 2, 2011, 12.29pm IST In a twist of taste, food chefs are all set to give Delhi, cocktails that have literally been created by them in the ‘heat’ of gastronomic moments. So in the giddy high of liquor-ed fruits, herbitinis, spice-spiked mojitos, it’s time to make merry like […]

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