Posts made in April, 2010

  • The Times Of India-With a desi Twist by Marryam H Reshii

    The Times Of India-Times Food Guide With a desi Twist by Marryam H Reshii 21 April’10                                                                                                       The trend of the future is undoubtedly modern Indian food, While there will always be takers for Dal Makhani and Butter Chicken, there is now a community of international travelers who enjoy cuisine and who want a glass […]

  • The Indian Express-Tipple Effect by Sharon Fernandes

    The Indian Express Tipple Effect by Sharon Fernandes April 17′ 2010  Desi ingredients like churan and chaat masala spice up your cocktails this summer. How about a Mango Three Way? Before your imaginations runs riot, we can safely say that you will need a tall glass, some vodka and gin, raw mango pulp or kaccha […]

  • The Indian Accent Summer Menu

    The Indian Accent Summer Menu   Indian Accent at The Manor, is happy to unfold its ‘Summer Menu’ as well as special menus for ‘Ladies Who Lunch’.  Old World Hospitality’s Executive Chef (Pan Asian Cuisine) Manish Mehrotra has crafted the recipes with a unique marriage of global ingredients and techniques with the nostalgic flavours and […]

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